Connect to the best Hotel Accounting Software with RoomRaccoon

Save yourself time and frustration at the end of each month. Connect your hotel accounting software to RoomRaccoon, which automatically exports guest invoicing from the system directly into your accounts.


Save time and reduce errors

Remove up to 15 manual steps with our automatic invoice settlement process. Accountants can spend more time analysing data and less time looking for it!

Ledger accounts

We work with a cash system. All components, such as accommodation, add-ons, and taxes, are split up and linked to the correct ledger account.

We take care of the setup

We take care of the entire setup, including the inventory of all relevant general ledger accounts, mapping, and connectivity activation. We also monitor the operation.

Automate your night auditing

Automate your night audit

Every night at midnight, the RoomRaccoon system automatically moves over to the next day. There is no downtime, and you don’t have to push a button to say “perform night audit”.

Best Hotel Accounting Software​

Quickbooks and Xero are the preferred hotel accounting solutions in the UK.

With full integration into the RoomRaccoon platform, your accounting and bookkeeping will be organized and simple.