Power 5-Star Guest Journeys With a Hotel Guest Management System

Discover RoomRaccoon, the hotel management platform designed with guest management software.

With seamless communication, smooth online check-ins, and effective upselling, delight modern guests and earn glowing 5-star reviews.

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#1 Hotel Guest Management System Chosen by Independent Property Managers


Provide a seamless guest arrival and departure experience

Unlock the essence of modern guest hospitality with online check-in and check-out seamlessly integrated into RoomRaccoon's hotel guest management system.

Set up digital check-in and check-out requests, complete with guest registration cards, clear instructions, and secure payment links.


Allow guests to access rooms with modern key solutions

Whether remotely managing apartments or operating without a front desk, RoomRaccoon seamlessly integrates with various industry-leading partners to facilitate your guests' remote access.

From mobile keys to door codes, we ensure secure access and guest management.

A single platform to increase revenue, streamline operations & delight guests.


Upsell guests at the right time

Think beyond selling rooms. Offer guests relevant upgrades and add-ons to help diversify your revenue streams and enhance the guest experience.

Here’s how our guest management system helps you increase ancillary revenue!

  • Create bookable add-ons
    Create add-ons in the My Property module. Add-ons are any extra services (paid or unpaid) that guests can book at your hotel.
  • Make add-ons bookable in your booking engine
    To boost the booking value, consider offering guests the option to include add-ons in their stay.
  • Let guests check-in online and check out your add-ons
    Showcase your add-ons with images, descriptions, and discounts in a digital guest service menu using the upgrade feature - RaccoonUpsell.


Keep in touch with guests

Keep guests engaged and informed throughout their journey with personalised, automated communication using customisable email templates.


Know your guests

Unlock invaluable guest insights such as booking lead time, top-performing booking channels, and preferred add-ons with RoomRaccoon.

Leverage the power of guest data to drive revenue and enhance engagement, ensuring continual growth for your hotel.

Partnering for Guest Management Success

From guest feedback and reputation management to digital concierge apps, we integrate with industry-leading guest management software to elevate your hospitality experience.

FAQ: FAQs About Guest Management Software

1What is a hotel guest management system, and how does it benefit hotels in Ireland?
A hotel guest management system streamlines and enriches traditional guest interactions like check-in, check-out, guest updates, upselling, and property access through digital solutions. Hotels in Ireland that use guest management software benefit from improved efficiency, increased revenue, and enhanced guest satisfaction due to timely updates, enhanced visibility on property offerings and ancillary services, and better service.
2What features should I look for in a hotel guest management software for my property?
You can gain access to in-demand hotel guest management features with RoomRaccoon:

  • Online check-in and check-out: Modern guests expect the convenience of a hassle-free digital check-in and registration process that’s fast and contactless.
  • Remote access and digital keys: Most hotel PMS providers like RoomRaccoon integrate with digital key providers, enabling guests to enter and exit their rooms without a physical room key.
  • Digital guest service menu: Guests who don’t know what services you offer will never purchase them. Our digital guest service menu, RaccoonUpsell, offers your guests an overview of your offerings during the online check-in process. Guests can easily browse the menu and add things such as an excursion, a bottle of wine, or a meal to their stay before they arrive.
  • Guest data and profiles: Understanding guest preferences, booking patterns, and demographics allows hotels to tailor experiences to individual guests. This personalisation can lead to higher guest satisfaction and loyalty.
3Is it easy to integrate a hotel guest management system with existing hotel operations?
Integration between RoomRaccoon's all-in-one hotel management system and our guest management partners is easy, ensuring smooth and accurate communication between the two systems. If you require additional guest management functionality, you can always browse our marketplace for local and global solutions to enhance your property management experience.
4How can a hotel guest management system help improve guest experiences?
Guests who have a positive experience are more likely to leave a good review, recommend your property to others, and book a return stay. A hotel guest management system can enhance guest experiences by providing personalised services and quick responses to their requests and feedback. It can also facilitate loyalty programs, promote your offerings in an engaging and timely manner, and help you capture and leverage guest data to improve your services.
5How much does guest management software cost?
RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one hotel management system includes a property management system, booking engine, channel manager, payments system, and guest management software. Pricing starts at €124 per month for an annual subscription. You can explore our packages and upgrades to customise our system to suit your property management needs.