Airbnb Management Software:

Your Real-time Connection to Vacation Rentals

Connect your vacation rental’s Airbnb profile to the fastest channel manager on the market. Effortlessly manage your vacation rental rooms, rates and bookings in one integrated easy-to-use interface.

How to Elevate Your Efficiency
With Airbnb Management Software

Integrated Airbnb Software Made Simple

RoomRaccoon Channel Manager:
The best channel manager for Airbnb

With our real-time connection to Airbnb, you can manage all of your property’s bookings across booking channels in one simple interface.

With 100s of millions of website visitors, connecting to Airbnb helps you reach new guests and attract more bookings.

Our Airbnb property management software synchronises every 5 seconds to ensure you have all the information you need to succeed, all of the time.

Booking Engine:
Generate instant room bookings with optimized UX

The seamless integration of RoomRaccoon's booking engine with the channel manager enhances your visibility across booking channels, all while retaining the benefits of commission-free bookings. By utilising our booking engine for your vacation rental, you strengthen your distribution strategy and reduce dependence on third-party channels.

Booking engine key features:
  • Currency and language converter
  • Multi-property switcher
  • Booking confirmation
  • Price Checker
  • Discount codes
  • Room add-ons
  • Responsive design
  • Pre-payments

PMS: Manage back and
front-end operations

Convert mundane tasks into time saved- covering guest communication, payments, reservations, checkouts and more.

The RoomRaccoon property management system (PMS) acts as a centralised hub, integrating multiple modules that elevate every aspect of hotel operations!

Deliver a Contactless Guest Journey

  • Online check-in

  • Upsells

  • Marketplace

  • Personalised emails

  • Online self check-out

  • Housekeeping app

  • Digital payment requests

  • Mobile key integrations

  • Packages & add-ons

    Things to consider

    Tailored to your needs, our user-friendly Airbnb management software seamlessly integrates with your current tools while ensuring top-notch security. Experience growth without limits, backed by reliable support and regular updates. Empower your team with intuitive technology that scales, adapts, and performs.

    Training and support

    Dedicated services to get you up and running quickly with continued support.

    Features and ease of use

    Directly tailor the system to your setup with integrated modules and upgrades.

    Resources for Airbnbs

      FAQs About AirBnB Management Software:

      1What features should I look for in Airbnb management software for my property in the UK?
      Your Airbnb management software should have various features that make your daily operations easier. Eliminate manual processes that currently take up the bulk of your time and embrace vacation rental management software. Key features to look for in Airbnb software: Channel manager Integrated reservations calendar Customised documents Personalised guest communication Online check-in and check-out Online payment processing Secure payment options Revenue manager for optimal rates
      2How can Airbnb management software help streamline operations for my vacation rental business in the UK?
      Airbnb management software is an innovative online solution crafted to assist property managers in optimising their operations through digital solutions. Tailored for those overseeing vacation homes, apartments, condos, villas, and similar accommodations, this software empowers property managers to efficiently handle their day-to-day tasks, enhancing overall management capabilities. Automate mundane tasks and streamline daily operations at your Airbnb with RoomRaccoon!
      3Is it essential for Airbnb management software to support multiple listing platforms in the UK?
      Yes, it is essential that your Airbnb management software can support multiple listings or connect to multiple channels. Multi-channel connection not only maximises your distribution, but ensures that you can manage your room rates and details across various booking channels. RoomRaccoon is home to hundreds of integrations that you can connect to with one simple platform.
      4Can Airbnb management software help with pricing optimisation for my vacation rental in the UK?
      Yes, Airbnb management software can help you optimise the pricing and rates of your vacation rental in the UK. By implementing revenue management tools within your Airbnb software, you can set dynamic rates. Dynamic rates in RoomRaccoon are informed by yield rules you can set up and customise. With RaccoonRev, you can even track your competitors’ rates to ensure you’re leading the market.
      5How secure is RoomRaccoon in handling financial transactions for my Airbnb property in the UK?
      RoomRaccoon offers secure and fast online payment processing for your Airbnb property. Manage your Airbnb finances with confidence using RoomRaccoon's user-friendly dashboard, which provides complete financial oversight. You can easily access invaluable tabs for all payments, payouts, a cash drawer, virtual credit cards (VCCs), and reporting--all from one location. With RaccoonPay, you can elevate your Airbnb experience with a custom payment processing system that caters to your guests' journey. From hassle-free online transactions to in-person payments, our system allows you to reach more guests.
      6How much does Airbnb management software cost?
      RoomRaccoon's Airbnb software offers flexible subscription packages starting at £124 monthly with various upgrades available. Subscription costs depend on the number of units and chosen package: Entry, Starter, Premium, or Enterprise. Transparent pricing is easily accessible on our website, where you can review subscription costs with a few clicks.